Bio: Being born in the cultural melting pot of Oakland California, I was exposed to so many different cultures growing up which is a huge part of my upbringing. My father, a college professor and avid international traveler, moved to Europe when I was quite young so I was able to spend a substantial amount of my childhood traveling the world. I was exposed to wine being allowed to try a sip at dinner. When I was 6 years old, I spent a good part of that summer living with a family in Southern France where wine was big part of meals. I also spent summers and holidays visiting the Canary Islands growing up. I guess I was destined to have a relationship with the magnificent beverage. I graduated college in Oregon, in the world famous wine region of the Willamette Valley. I really started my love and passion for wines in college attending Pinot Noir wine tastings at local wine shops. A place that many would call the pinot capital of the United States but far a different style from the fruit forward California Pinot Noir. I started really exploring wines while attending wine education seminars at Bevmo and started building my cellar in my early 20s. I started collecting half cases of wines that intrigued me such as Clos du Val Stag's Leap Cabernet Sauvignon and Hanna Alexander Valley Cabernet. I initially loved the richness and boldness of local Cabernet Sauvignons and gained appreciation for Syrah, Pinot Noir, and Malbec. I realized I was very passionate about all aspects of wine from the nuances in terroir to winemaking, to wine pairing and could talk for hours with anyone willing to share in my passion. As many friends, family, and colleagues would come to me for recommendations and advice, I decided I would expand my media platform to highlight my wine experiences for others to enjoy and learn. Anything related to wine excites me from sampling wines from various regions, hiking vineyards throughout the world, sampling pH and Brix, and discussing our mutual love for the lovely social juice with anyone willing. Find me on Instagram and Twitter @CMKWine

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