What a Difference Being Different Does; Cadle Family Wines

If you are tired of the usual suspects in Napa Valley; Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, Cadle Family Wines is just the place for you.  Kevin Cadle’s creativity drives him to produce wine varietals off the beaten path in the Napa and Sonoma regions.  This is a place you can take your palate to new places, with the incredible fruits and terroir beaming from every bottle Kevin creates.

Kevin spent many years traveling the world while teaching.  He lived and taught in various countries such as Curaçao, Morocco, Bolivia, Colombia, Korea as well as many others.  He enjoyed the different wines he tried in these countries and opened his mind to wines of the world.  This gives him his unique perspective on producing wines and varietals that many Napa winemakers are unwilling or uncomfortable in producing.  Since Northern California has some phenomenal terroir and climates, Kevin knew good farmers can grow virtually any varietal of grapes.

Kevin has a bit of a different story, like his wines.  He did not take the typical route to become a Napa Valley winemaker.  Although he was born in the Bay Area, he completed his college on the East Coast in Boston, then traveled the world teaching before he decided to realize his passion and dreams to become a winemaker.  While in his last teaching stop in Curaçao, he decided it was time to take his young family back home to make his dreams a reality.  A Bay Area native, he selected the University of California at Davis to acquire his Masters in viticulture and enology.  After a few years working by taking up an internship and role as assistant winemaker at premier wineries such as Etude and Acien. He took a leap of faith and started producing his own label.  We are sure glad he did!

Kevin, finds great quality grapes mostly from Napa Valley and Sonoma and produces wine of exceptional stature and finesse.  Although, his winemaking for his own label is still in the early stages, he is making a name for himself as an up and coming winemaker standing out with rarer varietals for California wines. With a couple vintages under his belt, I can see that he will stop at nothing short of phenomenal wine and will be a winemaker and producer for many years to come.

His 2014 Sangiovese and Dolcetto are what really stood out during my tasting of his portfolio.  The structure and finesse of both of these wines are tremendous.  From first aromatic sniff to the first sip and continuing to the back of your palate, the wine elegantly dances it’s way like a fine flamingo dancer mesmerizing your full spectrum of senses.


2014 Sangiovese

This is one of my favorite bottles of wine right now.  Medium bodied, hiding 15% alcohol through attractive aromas and favors Bing cherries, ripe blackberries, dusty figs that flows with delicate tannins with flavors of vanilla extract and white rose petals on the back of the palate. A great food wine that pairs perfectly with grilled rosemary pork chops.  Drinking very well now but will continue to evolve over the next 3-5 years. 93 #CMKPts

2014 Dolcetto

Another delicious bottle coming from a couple blocks of Dolcetto vines in Chalk Hill.  A lively bottle with a little tangy cranberries, dried blueberries, fig and cherries.  Even a little farm fresh strawberry jam integrated into this wine. 91 #CMKPts

2015 Gewurtztraminer

Not normally my favorite varietal but Kevin can do no wrong with the Carneros fruit. Out of my comfort zone, this bottle is absolutely scrumptious with tropical fruits such papaya, Manila mangos, lychee and star fruit.  Perfect acidity and a nice minerality that tingles your senses on the back of your tongue. 90 #CMKPts

2015 Barrel sample Chardonnay Mosque

Clone 809 from Chalk Hill.  This Chardonnay is shaping up to be a champion.  Even during the day that Kevin was working on cold stabilizing this wine, it was magnificent.  Creamy, lighter colored chard with a nice nose of jasmine, sweet orange blossoms and ripe apricot. Nice finish with flavors of vanilla sticks and wet stone. Early 90 #CMKPts


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